Let's talk about Recording, Knobs and You. (A Picstory)

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Thread: Let's talk about Recording, Knobs and You. (A Picstory)

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    Let's talk about Recording, Knobs and You. (A Picstory)

    "Recording is easy, right Chris?"

    Yes, yes it is. Getting awesome, shredly tone at home is as simple as plugging in your guitar, buying a bunch of really expensive shit, and then twisting a few knobs.

    Let's have a quick tour of the knobs that I have to think about when I record something, shall we? Hopefully this may help aspiring home recorders to create their own personal hell, akin to the one that I live in when I go to track something.

    First, we have the guitar knob. We all know what this does!

    From there, we move to the OD knob. No need to mess with those very often, good to go:

    Here, we have the master volume knob on my Roadster. This one controls things like volume, tube happiness, and how quickly the police arrive if I use it after 8PM on weeknights:

    Let's move over a bit, and we have the channel volume control, and the EQ knobs. Things like midrange are adjusted here! I'm looking at you, Roger.

    From there, we move up to the processor that feeds the almighty DAW. Here, we have the input control from the Roadster. That needs to not clip, but not be too low.

    Here we have the output controls! Exciting! Output 1 feeds XLR connections to my MOTU, output 2 feeds the Roadster. Both of these needs to be in the right spot before we move on.

    And by "move on", I mean to the other side of the processor. Let's not forget about all of these knobs, virtual though they may be.

    Once we're past there, we get to this guy, who belongs to Noodles and doesn't needs to be adjusted much unless it's late at night.

    Alrighty, down the XLR we go to my MOTU where things connect up. There's a knob here titled Trim. I've no fucking idea what it does and MOTU wants $20 for the manual, so I just leave it in the "don't add volume" position.

    For each channel on the MOTU, there are volume sliders.

    Which are not at all related to this knob, aptly titled "volume".

    That knob feeds my powered monitors, which have volume knobs on the back of them. Both of them.

    The insane knob-laden 1U above the MOTU is a HDC that feeds my second set of reference monitors, which have their own volume knob.

    They connect to my computer, which has this lovely bunch of knobs and sliders to adjust the MOTU. These are completely independent from anything in Reaper, and make sure that the signal coming in isn't clipping before AD/DA conversion.

    Those all feed these sliders and their knobs here in Reaper.

    Which route to these busses and their knobs over here.

    Which end up at the track Master here, which has it's own volume control, and more knobs hidden inside!

    You know, stuff like this.

    That said, you may be thinking "holy fuck, that's a lot of fucking knobs".

    Yes. Yes it is. And if any one of them is fucked up, there goes your mix.

    Recording is awesome!

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    Feel free to throw some of it my way

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    Pfft whats with the lackage of knobs?
    Here's what I've to deal with in my dining room

    The desk is rarely used but still looks cool! I don't own any of the stuff in the pic either, it's all my housemates.
    My band Shardborne - Prog metal Free E.P Download here

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    You win!

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    ITT: Chris plays with his knobs and takes pictures for the rest of us.

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    While we're on the subject.

    Mix Headroom vs. the Mastering Engineer, Craig Anderton

    The next person that sends me their final mix to master with like -0.2db headroom to work with. Dies.

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