Hello guitarslutz!

I've just put together a massive new PC for handling my CPU-hungry samples but I'm still a little behind because I have yet to buy the audio components.

Basically what I want to get is a PCI card because it has potentially the lowest latency which is what I absolutely need. I am also thinking about skipping an interface or mixer altogether and just buying a bare mic preamp.

SO,does it make sense to buy a PCI audio card with a mic preamp, say a GAP Pre-73? I know a mixer+PCI card would be the typical setup..

I guess I would also need a headphone amp to connect after the preamp since mic pres don't have headphone jacks...?

Is this an OK setup? Am I missing something? I'm just so used to either an interface or a PCI/mixer combo so with my new setup I need to make sure I'm not missing anything.

PCI + mic pre + headphone amp = done. Right??