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Thread: Quick mix test (short clip) - AxeFx/Metal Foundry

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    Quick mix test (short clip) - AxeFx/Metal Foundry

    Title is probably a bit misleading, because most things that say "AxeFx" and "Metal Foundry" in the titles sound good. This is just me fucking around last night, and trying some shit out this morning.

    Just about everything is completely default. Two rhythm tracks using Nolly's Recto preset, a single bass track with sloppy pick-bass using Soops SVT bass patch, and Metal Foundry with the Sneap legacy preset with the chamber verb turned down.

    This is basically just a starting point. The lead is sloppy, it was me around midnight sitting in front of the computer with my guitar in my lap, so there are plenty of mistakes. Just a single take, with no edits. Mistakes = jazz. Both the backing and the "solo" are just nonsense off the top of my head, so it's a little boring.

    Lead preset is a 5150, guitar is the 2027/blazes.


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    Sounds good, man!

    Rhythm guitars sound great, and I'm digging the lead tone. Drums sound very good, as well.

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    I think the snare could stand to have the reverb brought back in a little, dude. Not massively keen on any of the sounds from the Sneap presets really. I think of all the TMF presets I prefer Thordendal's ones.

    Guitars sound pretty nice. I think the rhythm could stand some tweaking, but I've practically got a boner for your lead sound. And sloppy playing?! One or two dropped notes in no way detract from the serious choppage that occur in this!

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    Definitely agree with Lee here man, snare is way too dry. Needs to be set back with some room and a nice plate verb, fuck the Sneap presets I know they try to get it all "in the box" but it just isn't possible for a great sounding mix.

    Also, quad track that shit man, do it now and thank me later. 2 100% L/R, 2 80% L/R, the 80% guitars -3db lower than the 100% ones, and have the left guitar tone altered slightly from the right, be it a cab change, mic position change, settings change, something. Just gives much more space to the mix.

    Lead tone is drenched in win.
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    I think it sounds fantastic, good job!
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    sounds pretty good to me, I really like the lead tone
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    Sound damn good to me
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