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Thread: Mic'd drums - Video + Blasting

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    Mic'd drums - Video + Blasting

    Took a few mic's and my interface up to our drummers house the other day.

    Mic's used: SM-57, AKG-C414, Rode NT-5.

    We also Mic'd the kick but it was dull as shit so I resampled it via slate but left it unquantized.

    Just wondering what you guys thought of the drum sound/overall performance. This is the first time I've mic'd live drums. Will need to get something on the toms next time. Any recommendations are welcome!

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhJaKKJu1Vo]‪Owen + Blasting + Mic'd kit - Sectioned‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    They sound pretty damned nice on their own, not sure how that snare would do in a mix (a lot of the quieter hits get lost), but I like the sound of it so far. The toms need some way of being mic'd, too. They're very hard to hear. Cymbals, hats and kick sound great, too. \m/

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    Yeah, maybe some parallel compression on the snare (or double it with a quantized sample that's lower in the mix so it only shines through on the lighter hits) and some mics for the toms and you're pretty set.

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    Was thinking of doing some parallel compression but I wanted it to sound like a tight natural kit sound!

    Definitely need to get the tom's mic'd next time. I'm sure I had a couple more 57's lying about, will try to fish them out. Thanks for the comments guys. They've been helpful!

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