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Thread: Peavey ReValver MkIII.V - Metal Demo

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    Peavey ReValver MkIII.V - Metal Demo


    Recently I tried to record some sample of Peavey ReValver MkIII.V using higain amp. I used Flathill amp on Modern channel with 4x12 American [mdx421] and boosted with Greener, A little bit EQ and compression on guitars channel For drums I used Superior Drummer 2.0 with with preset provided by Ola Englund but slightly modified.


    [VIDEO]]‪Peavey ReValver MkIII.V - Metal‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Djent. It sounds like it could still use some EQ'ing (flubby low end). I'm sure fans of "djent" style metal would really dig it though.
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    Haven't quite figured out the appeal of this modern 'djent' tone that has an excessively percussive mid range that swallows up half the mix with it, but hey each to their own.

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