1080p HD video of "Ebon Coast" by Andy McKee

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Thread: 1080p HD video of "Ebon Coast" by Andy McKee

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    1080p HD video of "Ebon Coast" by Andy McKee

    Well, this is about as un-metal as it gets, but hopefully even you seasoned metalheads can momentarily put down your Mjollnir-shaped guitars and tankards of mead to try and find something to enjoy about it! Yet another of my favourites from Andy McKee, and my first ever video in 1080p HD (I genuinely feel like I'm now in the future).

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHZAETBNNU0]Cover of "Ebon Coast" by Andy McKee - Fred Baty - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    As I said in the YT comment, please excuse the dodgy lighting - this was recorded in the middle of the night with nothing but spotlights, so perhaps not the best way to showcase my new camcorder's capabilities!

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    Really nice playing!

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    Great playing! I love Andy's stuff, it's fantastic

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    Very nice ! !
    Love the vid and love McKees playing
    I was lucky enough to meet him at NAMM this year. Very cool and very humble

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    Nicely done!

    Andy is great. Have you mastered any of Don Ross' stuff? They are very similar though any seems a bit more contemporary.
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    I saw Andy live about 4 and a half years ago with Tommy Emmanuel, he blew me away that night.
    Good job!

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    Super-slow, apologies. Thanks very much for the kind words! I must admit I've never tried learning any of Don Ross' stuff, despite enjoying it immensely. Well, that's not entirely true - I tried learning his part from the duet that he and Andy did of this song, but he's so much lower in the mix that I just had to give up. Damn shame as I absolutely love the way his parts work with Andy's.

    I saw Tommy Emmanuel (no Andy, unfortunately) years and years back when I was just starting to get into acoustic, and even at the time I realised that much as a lot of his pieces did nothing for me on an emotional level, the sheer levels of talent that man possesses are pretty spectacular. I adore his use of harmonics, too - would love to be able to play like that one day!

    Rather than be too much of a whore and start another thread, anyone who enjoyed this video might like my latest, which is another cover of an Alex de Grassi tune called "Causeway":

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj9AafyYQaA]Cover of "Causeway" by Alex de Grassi - Fred Baty - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Both beautiful pieces. Great playing and vibrato too.

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