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Thread: Headphones! Recommend 'em!

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    Headphones! Recommend 'em!

    MDV had recommended me a set and I cannot for the life of me remember what they were
    These are going to be used listening to music mostly, but tracking as well. If I can mix on them to a decent level, that's awesome too, until I can afford some decent monitors.


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    I'd just get the best Sennheisers you can afford. They're my favorite brand. But there are many other options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soopahmahn View Post
    I'd just get the best Sennheisers you can afford. They're my favorite brand. But there are many other options.

    I have some Sennheisers and they've served me well for years
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    Yep, Sennheisers are great. I prefer AKG, but they're equal quality, just a different sound (Sennheisers are punchier and AKGs are smoother) and feel (AKGs are more comfortably on me, but I love both). The Shure headphones are excellent, too. Beyer-Dynamics are good, but I didn't personally like them as much as the others.

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    I like my Beyer-Dynamic DT100s for tracking with and the odd bit of mixing, but mainly because of how clear and precise they are. They may not be the best for extended listening periods.

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    I've got a set of Beyerdynamic DT-250s which are great and incredibly comfortable.

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    AKG K271MKII. They're what I use - good price, great sound, very well built.
    They seem a little light in the low end at first, but that's mostly just because standard headphones aimed at average joe who knows cock all, are quite heavy on the low end.

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    Audio technica Ath m50 is the best value in audio equipment that exists. Not only are they good for their price range, aa lot of users prefer them over everything else even when price is not an issue.

    They have a wide frequency response and the lows don't drop off into oblivion at the end of the spectrum, it's strong all the way through. This reveals things that monitors can't in the low end making them a great tool even when you do have monitors.

    They also use neo magnets giving a lot of sound off of little power. You can plug them into your portable device and use them and have plenty of volume.

    You should be able to go without monitors with those and be just fine.

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