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Thread: Bass guitar doing my head in!

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    Bass guitar doing my head in!

    Hi guys,

    First time poster, long time reader. My name is Mitch. I'm a 22 year old from Brisbane, Australia. I'm a restaurant manager and a long time music enthusiast. From next year I'm going back to study to become a studio engineer but until then I'm just trying to record my demo with my best mate. It's um....I guess modern thrash (Kreator, Testament, Exodus) with a heavy progressive element. Opeth, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Mastodon etc are a very big influence especially lyrically.

    I've got 8'' Samson Rubicon monitors, a Schecter Tempest Hellraiser, a Schecter Riot bass and a newly acquired Axe-Fx ultra. I'm dead happy with all the tones I need on the album but the problem is the bloody bass. I've spent hours and hours reading every possible configuration such as split DI with a mid heavy distortion and the 2 blended together, using the axe-fx with a cab sim, using without, split the signal and use harsh limiter on 200hz and below, compressing the sh!t out of the whole bass track with a very short attack and release to keep it even, to use a lot of mids, scoop a lot of mids and finally using a multi-band EQ.

    So far I've gotten an "Ok" tone using the Axe-fx. I've routed a direct signal unchanged to the output along with a split "scooped mid","distorted mid" pair of signals like of Ola from Feard's method. I guess it just comes down to whatever works. I know I'm getting close but until I know how to properly EQ and compress, I'm never going to get what I want.

    If you guys want a sample recording with no bass as to see what it needs, please let me know, I'm going for a Violent Revolution/Enemy of God style tone but with more mids.

    I apologize about the "novel" of a post but I'm sick of new people coming on and just flat out demanding advice without sharing who they are. It's rude!

    Thanks again,


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    Welcome, Mitch!

    Post clips.

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    Sorry about the roughness of it, I only just did it

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    Everything sounds thin. The kick drum and the guitars.. Cant hardly hear the bass as well..

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    Playing is balls on tho!

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    That clip ruled!

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    That's a big problem I'm having, nothing really jumps out and smacks you in the face! Any more bass and it just sounds whompy which is a compression problem. With some good EQ knowledge I'll be in business but until then it all sounds like shite
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    Song is awesome if that helps lol
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