A trick in Reaper I just learned..

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Thread: A trick in Reaper I just learned..

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    A trick in Reaper I just learned..

    ..which will save me a lot of time in the future. I dont know if this is "common knowledge", I wasnt aware about it, so my "work flow" was always, that if I wanted a specific effect/plugin on only a part of the track, I would cut out/or copy this part to a new track, and than add the FX...but I just got the tip:

    1- Define a Time selection to edit
    2- Shift + S (Split items at time selection)
    3- Shift + F; select FX, click + drag to Clip
    4- Right click over Item/Apply track FX to items...

    Pretty logic...I dont know why I havent found this earlier.

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    I knew that....but in the general spirit of sharing tips and such: Well done, thanks for sharing!

    (It did take me a while to realise out you can apply effects to seperate items, and draw automation within items as well, rather than apply to entire take lanes. Doh. Ah well, I know now )

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    I did know you could do it, but I had no idea it was that easy!

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    Yeah, I mean I was at least sure there would be a way for this, but I couldnt figure it out until i read it today per accident on the web.

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    thank you!
    ive been wondering about this for quite a while, but never took it upon myself to figure it out

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    Man thats why I love reaper, it just has that "if you think it you can do it" kind of interface! I've had these moments occaisonally where I thought "hmmm I wonder if I could select a number of tracks and drag them to send to another track"! Reaper is soo awesome, and in the new version 4.10 they have a "proper" freeze function. In my experience, reaper, properly configured and with the sws extension, is every bit as good as PT.

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    Reaper is great, and has a few features I wish I had in Pro Tools, but I work so much faster and smoother in Pro Tools and would never really use those features anyways. I just can't get comfortable with the way Reaper works. It's too customizable, which means it will never be an industry standard. People like Pro Tools because almost any studio you go to will have it, and it's the same everywhere. Reaper is home studio software, nothing more. It's excellent for that and I'm not knocking it, but it's a completely different application than Pro Tools or even Logic or Cubase, and can't really be properly compared.

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    I had no idea how to do this, so thanks man! I was used to doing it the old Cakewalk/Sonar way, and never did figure it out in Reaper.

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