Recording: How much cut/paste do you use?

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Thread: Recording: How much cut/paste do you use?

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    Recording: How much cut/paste do you use?

    Kind of an open ended question. When I'm recording, I almost never copy/paste anything - I tend to just play (for example) the rhythm track the entire way through. Upside is that it sounds a bit more natural (to me anyway), downside is that it makes doubletracking a bit harder because I have guitar ADD and tend to get "wonderful ideas" halfway through the track and can never remember what the fuck I did when I'm laying the second track down.

    So you dudes who record a lot (hi, Vince!) do you copy/paste measures together so that they all sound uniform? If so, how much do you do it and how do you go about finding the "best" splice point?

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    It all depends on the situation really, sometimes we'll use copy/paste just for the sake of getting it done, the same goes for punching in parts. There's one song we recorded that we did in sections because of how long and slow paced it is, it was easier to split it up into sections.

    As far as the actual studio questions I have no idea, Nate is the recording guy in the band.
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    I don't c/p much - maybe some backing vocals, but I do a lot of editing, and I punch a lot of sections when doing things like guitars and vocals. Drums we actually did multiple takes to a click and I comp'd them. I do vocal comps, too.

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    I prefer to play everything all the way through. Cutting/pasting always seems to sound artificial to me. I can always tell, at least with my own stuff. However, i also do not hesitate to punch in to fix something if i flub a part, and any parts that use different patches or effects i will always record separately, rather than changing patches on the fly in the studio.

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    I've only done it a few times. Usually where let's say there's a short guitar melody that repeats several minutes apart, I've copied the first take, and put it in later in the song where it shows up again. But i've never chopped up a song and arranged it like some people have done before.

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    Almost none. Two caveats-

    1.) I'll copy and paste in most of my crash cymbol hits, so I'm not tied to them when I'm sequencing my drums in the first place. This works since a lot of my "drum sequencing style" is pretty hi-hat driven.

    2.) when demoing, sometimes I'll change the arrangement by cutting out a section, or copying the second chorus and pasting it back in to like double up the length of the chorus or something. I don't do this much, and when it comes time to record "for real" then I'll know the arrangement in advance so I won't have to, but it's a handy tool if you're still hashing out an arrangement.
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    I do it a ton for arranging, but when it comes to actually doing the final, I'll record all the way through.

    For composition C&P kicks ass though.

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    i do it allot, but it really depends on what i'm recording. any sort of leads, i never do. rythmn tracks i will, mainly to get it done quicker. it makes double-tracking a fair bit easier, and where really quad track most stuff, it's almost required for me to get something done in any sort of time frame. and my ocd kinda makes it worse, cause parts just have to be 'right'. but if i'm copy and pasting a section that is say, the left side rythmn guitars (which would be 2 tracks for me) i'll swap the location, so they sound a bit different when played back than the original location.

    i've never found the 'right' splice point, seems to vary riff to riff. i always try though to do it on a note, rather than during some sustain, or right before a chord change.

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