Just for fun, I did this little mic test...but I don't have an amp...or the mics, so here's what I did: recorded clean, added the Gratifier amp from Guitar Rig, and used these mic/cabinet impulses responses to simulate the mic and cabs. Also, the song is from a new (well...technically super old) project that I'm working on. Yes, it will be recorded again, so excuse the sloppiness.

There are 4 cuts.

1. Shure SM57
2. Shure SM7B
3. Sennheiser MD421

The last cut is actually just 1 guitar (SM57), sent through a doubler plugin. I was just curious to see if I could make one guitar sound decent in stereo.

Listen and stuff.

I guess you can't see the menu for sets for this. However, if you let the track finish, or click at the end, it will automatically go to the next track. Also, I suppose you could always check it out on the SC website.

If you're interested in the IRs, check em out here:

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