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    Reaper 4.14 is out

    REAPER 4.14 is available, with the following updates:
    + Audio Units: improved support for plug-ins that use unordered parameter IDs
    + Envelopes: added option to not show affected envelopes when moving items across tracks
    + Grid navigation: fixed for ts changes and larger grid divisions
    + JS: updated IX effects
    + Media buffering: option for lower buffer size when per-take FX open (to reduce visual lag)
    + Media explorer: option to go to next item at end of preview
    + Media item fades: optional handles for editing fades when the media item is small
    + MIDI: improved merging of multiple MIDI sources (glue, receives, record output)
    + MIDI: looped overdub recording fix for crash bug (issue ID 3807)
    + MIDI editor: actions to remove trailing (or all) notes of less than a certain length
    + MIDI editor: fixed odd behavior when option enabled to snap notes to the left
    + Mouse modifiers: adjust envelope bezier curvature for all selected points at once
    + Mouse modifiers: fix for painting a straight line of notes over an existing note
    + Mouse modifiers: select all MIDI notes touched while dragging (ctrl+alt+right-drag by default)
    + ReaScript/API: fix for getting track mute and selected state
    + ReaScript: overhaul, many internal changes
    + ReaScript: Perl support removed for now
    + ReaScript: Perl support will come back when/if Ctypes for Perl - Gitorious is completed
    + ReaScript: see Help/HTML lists/ReaScript documentation for more information
    + ReaScript: better error reporting
    + ReaScript: more flexible Python support, should work with almost any version of Python on any platform
    + ReaScript: set current script directory as start of path (look for modules there first)
    + ReaScript: support for importing one ReaScript module into another
    + ReaScript: support for setting a custom external editor for .py files (Preferences/External Editors)
    + ReaTune: new instances on per-take FX will operate in item-space rather than in project-space
    + ReaTune: resizable user interface, many UI improvements
    + Regions: improved handling of envelopes when moving/copying regions
    + Ripple editing: improved handling of envelope points, MIDI items, tempo changes when removing time
    + Ruler: improved display relating to time signature markers and tempo ramps
    + Tempo maps: improved tempo map editing behavior
    + Theming: button overlay images now inherit scaling attributes from the underlying button image
    + Theming: WALTER added reaper_version (example: 414) and mcp_maxfolderdepth
    + Time maps: fixed snapping bugs with ramped tempos and varying time signatures
    + Video: improved video frame display speed when seeking
    + VST: allow loading of OSX GRM plug-ins version 3.1.1 or higher (earlier versions crash)
    + VST: fix for occasional blank UI for Celemony plugins

    + Bridging: fixed effSetSpeakerArrangement on bridged plug-ins
    + OSX: fixed linked framework versioning for certain plug-ins on Lion
    + OSX: tweaked startup sequence to avoid stalling after scanning VSTs that have UI on scan
    + OSX: special case for iZotope Trash VST UI not working

    + FX browser: fixed folder case sensitivity issue
    + FX bypass: update checkboxes for all FX in chain during bypass automation
    + MIDI: fixed sending noteoffs in certain loop instances
    + MIDI: fixed bug when importing MIDI files with time signature changes not on whole bars
    + OSX: listview column resize behavior now matches that of Windows (no autoresize)
    + Render dialog: avoid adding extraneous extensions on file browse
    + Toolbars: fixed icon loading bugs, added default icon setting for toolbar editor
    + Track send window: better multichannel hardware output labels
    + Video: potential priority inversion/deadlock fix
    + Window top pin buttons: potential fix for leftover pin buttons
    + API: added GetTrackColor, SetTrackColor

    + [4.111 - November 13 2011] OSX64/Win64: stability fix
    + Actions window: color of group control text uses theming
    + AU: more default preset loading, aupreset export support
    + Freeze: corrected functionality when using playspeed/playspeed envelopes
    + FX bypass: fixed recording bypass automation
    + JS: fixed IX/MIDI_Tool to not fudge timings
    + JS: now supports << and >> (bitwise shift) operators -- note parameters are converted to integer so 3.4 << 2 == 12, etc
    + Media explorer: native view can be switched to list view from details on Windows
    + Media items: option to show a volume knob, rather than dragging the top edge of the item
    + Media items: optionally display item/take gain alongside pitch and playrate
    + Media items: better behavior when doubleclicking item buttons, other things
    + Metronome/click source: default click sound start sync configuration (hard, soft, old deprecated)
    + MIDI: fixed sending of excess pitch/note/cc resets on loop
    + MIDI: never pool MIDI source data when duplicating takes within the same media item
    + MIDI: display MIDI notes while recording in regular track input mode
    + MIDI recording: better support for disabling latency compensation
    + MIDI recording: recording to end of loop extends events to end regardless of latency compensation
    + MIDI recording: in overdub/replace recording, auto input monitoring controls whether notes are monitored outside of punch regions
    + MIDI recording: improved note tracking for looped record-input mode
    + MIDI recording: added latch-replace recording mode
    + MIDI recording: minor reorganization of track record menu
    + MIDI recording: in overdub/replace, do not display recorded item until MIDI input is detected, unless recording starts at the start of the loop selection
    + MIDI recording: better handling of time selection punches (do not extend items outside of the punch area)
    + MIDI recording: monitoring of MIDI in overdub/replace matches punch behavior in other modes
    + MIDI editor: fixed triplet/dotted grid display when zoomed out
    + MIDI editor: vertical drag of bank/program select event scrolls through programs in that bank
    + MIDI editor: vertical CC edit does not affect selected CC in other lanes
    + MIDI editor: fixed/optimized some behaviors when using ghost items or file based items
    + MIDI editor: allow sweep-editing program change and bank select messages just like any other CC
    + MIDI editor: allow editing velocity for notes that start slightly before the visible edge of the media item
    + MIDI editor: fixed conflict with some combinations of mouse modifiers for scrub and insert notes
    + MIDI editor: fixed set time selection to notes in list editor
    + MIDI editor: reduced flicker after selection change in list editor
    + MIDI editor: improved undo messages for some actions, fixed zoom one loop interation action
    + Mouse modifiers: fixed envelope lane click behaviors when left-drag is set to marquee select
    + OSX: fixed dropping media files onto TCP
    + OSX: fixed custom actions dialog issue
    + OSX: mousewheel fix for Carbon plugins and plugin spawned utility windows
    + OSX: improved GUID generation, should fix MIDI pooling errors
    + Pre-roll: MIDI note tracking (notes held in preroll are played/recorded at the record time)
    + Pre-roll: disabled looping while in preroll
    + Project bay: fixed display of FX presets
    + ReaComp: corrected sound when first processing after reset and a preset load
    + Render dialog: fixed possible crash with certain presets
    + Regions: added action to create a separate region for each selected media item (useful for batch renders)
    + ReaControlMIDI: fixed MIDI jitter when transposing
    + Theme: various list/tree windows can now have their colors configured, separate theme elements for MIDI list editor
    + Theme: new (themable) appearance of project bay and screenset tabs
    + Time display: fixed occasional rounding issue
    + UI: improved handling of reshowing mouse cursors on knobs
    + Video: updated bundled FFmpeg librairies to latest version (v53)
    + Video: video support now obeys track mute envelopes -- can now edit video effectively using mute envelopes
    + Video: improved QuickTime audio decoding compatibility on Windows
    + Video: experimental support for QuickTime decoding on OSX64 and Win64 via bridge
    + VST: corrected speaker arrangement notification for 64 channel plug-ins
    + VST: fix for large channel counts on Win32 (compiler bug)
    + VST: added support for VST effSetSpeakerArrangement and offline processing notification when bridged
    + WASAPI: improved 24 bit exclusive mode compatibility
    + Wavpack: fixed decoding of single-block wavpack files failing in certain instances (Wavpack bug)
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    Does reaper update very very often or did I just switch at a convenient time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empryrean View Post
    Does reaper update very very often or did I just switch at a convenient time?
    Nope, they update all the time!

    Thanks, Chris

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    Nice! I'm diggin some of that stuff

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    id say they generally update around every 3 weeks max.

    Its quite great to be honest because as soon as you find an issue its fixed
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