took me awhile but I think I've finally started to really figure this thing out

I've got my default sound system set to my Technics -->Polk Audio system (sounds killer)
Ass soon as I plug in the Axe USB that takes over as my sound card and the Powered Monitors kick on.
I also have (not shown here I set it up after I took this pic)
Output 2 going out to my Mesa 50/50--2X12 Recto Cab ---2X12 Legacy cab
so Ic an listen to a recorded clip or a patch and hear it thru my 'real amp" simultaneaously. I learned last night that if you put in an FX loop block before the Cab sim it routes the patch out to output 2 with the cab sims and power amp sims off, so this gives me a whole lot of output options. Plus I can still mic my cab if I wnat and get the Axe direct and the Speaker recorded at the same time too.
This is against the right wall of my finished basement so I have about 15 feet of open room behind me so I can crank if I want.
I'm still not 100% sold on this thing yet but the more I use it the more it
looks like I may be having a large gear sell off soon.