comments and critiques on my riffs

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Thread: comments and critiques on my riffs

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    comments and critiques on my riffs

    so i've been playing guitar for almost a year now, and and started writing my own riffs about a month ago or so, lookin for some opinions, critique, comments, these recordings are not the best the its the best that i have at the moment till i get some recording programs.

    [VIDEO] EipDD38w-gDfpBOzIU1H]song2 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO] x1_PFWdErlERpA1x1vmO]song1wip 0001 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Good lad for putting early stuff out there for critique.

    Your timing is off in a lot of places. Learn about timing (as in meters, beat divisions and bar lengths) and practice to a metronome.

    Weird Metronome

    That one is very good.

    Your playing could also be cleaner; hitting strings youre not supposed to and what have you, not articulating a lot of notes well. Taking it slow with a met will help with this.

    Recording riffs and trying to double track them can also be a highly effective educational tool.

    Sorry if this seems harsh, but you did ask.

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