Recorded a short thrash riff to practice mixing techniques

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Thread: Recorded a short thrash riff to practice mixing techniques

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    Recorded a short thrash riff to practice mixing techniques

    Hey fellas, just wanted to share this little thing I recorded to explore some new techniques ( for me). Excuse the sloppy playing, as I did this more to practice mixing than to practice playing. Also, I'm more of a bassist.

    First of all, this is only 1 guitar track. I used the Hass Effect to delay the guitar against itself a tiny bit, to make it sound like it's 2 guitars, recorded in stereo.

    Though the drums are EZDrummer, I sent everything to separate channels, so I could manipulate everything separately . I used some cross delay on the overheads to make them a little more full, and I used parrallel compression on the kick and snare for that extra thickness.

    I thought I did something else, but I can't think of it. If I remember what it is....if there was something else, I'll let you guys know.

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