kostein's AxeFX LoG patch & mini 'tutorial'

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Thread: kostein's AxeFX LoG patch & mini 'tutorial'

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    kostein's AxeFX LoG patch & mini 'tutorial'

    Since a lot of people liked the tone I used for my cover of LoG's Laid to Rest and asked for a patch I thought of making a mini 'tutorial' along with posting the patch. The patch is for the Ultra/Standard but I'll go into detail with screenshots so people with the II can make it as well. I'm actually curious on how it sounds on a II.

    To put things into context, here's the said cover. It was recorded using my LTD EX-360 which is mahogany with an EMG-81 in the bridge. Tuning is Drop D. Two guitar tracks one panned hard right and the other hard left.

    Here's the patch: Metalguitarist.org - Patch Library - kostein's Lamb of God patch

    Now this is how the patch looks like. Note that this is what I use when I'm playing and stuff. I think it's really simple but sounds monstrous There's a few minor changes to the recorded tone which will be explained. It's also worth noting that I'm using an Atomic monoblock and cab.


    Amp Basic

    Amp Advanced

    Amp Geek



    Now for the recorded tone the only things I changed was to turn the gain down to about 4 and turn the low frequencies down on the EQ to give space for the bass to shine. The rest of the changes were done after recording. It might sound a bit thin when played alone. Play along with a bass and it sounds huge. When I'm playing alone I keep the gain and the low frequencies where they are because to me it sounds more rounded and fuller.

    EQ - Recorded tone

    After I was done with recording I noticed that there was a slight difference in volume between palm mutes and non palm mutes. I order to fix that I added a compressor to even things out. I used a small ratio because the signal is already super compressed with a fast attack and fast to medium release.

    Post compressor

    The last thing I did was further EQing. I shelved frequencies below 200Hz by 10db to give the bass even more room and I shelved frequencies above 4500-5000Hz to remove hiss and to make the tone more rounded. I also noticed that there was some 'noise' (there's a word for it but I can't remember it right now ) at about 2000Hz so I used parametric EQ and lowered the volume there by 6db to clear that out.

    Post EQ

    There you have it. Let me know how it works out for you guys and post some clips if you can, I'm curious to hear how it sounds on the II. Also if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm not a sound engineer or anything but I'll do my best to pretend like one

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    You're the man! It's always interesting to see other peoples methodology on building a patch. And in such depth!

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    cool I'm going to migrate this to a II right now.
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    Excellent explanation and the tone sounds pretty spot on. Maybe not as dry or something. Nice pinch harmonics.

    Great cover. Wish I had an Axe.

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    This tone really is crazily close. If I had an Axe-FX I'd definitely rock it.

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    ok here is the II version, it does sound different to me
    Attachment 7050
    but I dialed in your settings pretty exact (i added a lowpass filter at the end of the chain but it's bypassed

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    How much difference is there? Could you record a clip?

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