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Thread: First mix&master (Band's first demo)

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    First mix&master (Band's first demo)

    Hey guys,
    I just finished to mix and master my band's first demo
    Since it's my first time I mixed and mastered a full song
    I'd like to get advice for future projects
    so thanks in advance

    (a bit about the band: ) We're a post-hardcore band from Israel called Define Visions, hope you like it

    Newer mix:
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    Not bad, though a little thin in the bottom end, and the drums could punch a bit more. Not bad for a demo, but definitely needs more clarity and punch overall. Guitars also sound a bit out of tune.

    The thing most people don't realize about the difference between recording yourself at home and having someone else record you is how brutally difficult it is to be impartial and critical of your own stuff. Having an outside set of ears is vital. Yes, you can do that through posting on forums, and that's how a lot of people are doing it these days, but it's way faster to have someone who already knows what they're doing do it right the first time. Absolutely record yourself at home, as it's an amazing practice/pre-production tool, but the first time you record with someone else who's really good, you'll never go back. The experience is just so different and awesome.

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    I totally agree with you.
    I feel like I'm missing something with the overall production, like I can't get the sound to be big or Wide... got any tips?

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    I made a few changes

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