Hey guys, I'd really love some help on this. I recorded a quick riff to see how my tones were coming along, and to see how well I can get things to work together.

Guitar is running with GFS Crunchy Pats into a Peavey Rockmaster. That's then going out from the loop, through my interface, and into LeCab in Reaper, eq'd to suit.

The snare and kick were just samples that I picked out from a file and eq'd further, then MIDI mapped into the track. They were basically added to give the riff some rhythm and body.

The bass is following the same signal path as the guitar, save for being played through the bass amp of course. I love hearing some "clang" in my bass tones, but sometimes it just seems like i'm getting an unpleasant plasticky "pop" instead.

So, in short, what am I doing well and what am I failing miserably at? My short term goal is to get my band's music recorded and uploaded with at least decent quality. I've been disappointed with the quality of work of all the local guys who offer to record us.