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    Progressive Aggressive Song

    Axe-Fx + Superior Drummer + LTD Mh-1000 + Spector Legend Bass + Sonar 7 + Buncha Cheap Synths

    *Axe-Fx Patch consists of the Recto Red amp, Treb Boost Pedal, and German Cab. The only tricks I do in post is add a little delay to smooth out editing cuts and I do some Eq cuts around 320 so the snare can pop out more.

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    Great song! Thanks for getting Tuesday off to a good start!

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    Pretty awesome, with vocals this would be fantastic. I can hear a bit of Devin in there, but not so much that it's a clone, good stuff!

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    This IS very Devin Townsend-esq. I can't say I really care for your rhythm tone - it sounds too.... pinched, maybe? Like it's all mids, and nothing else, but the lead sound is great (and total Devin). I'd like to hear the guitars growl a little more. The chromatic ascent prechorus thing was cool the first time, but I wanted to hear something different the second time around. The bridge, I guess, ruled, and was kind of wonderfully twisted when the clean guitars came in.

    Also, the whole thing sounds a bit over compressed to me... Nothing really seems like it has space to breath, and looking at the .wav, it IS pretty flat-looking.

    Still, I'd listen to this.
    "They can kill you, but the legalities of eating you are a bit dicier." - David Foster Wallace

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    Great ears, everybody!

    The working title for this was Strapping Young Friedman.

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