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Thread: The Systematic Mixing Guide is out!

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    The Systematic Mixing Guide is out!

    SYSTEMATIC PRODUCTIONS - Official Website - Mixing Guide

    Hell yes!

    The Systematic Mixing guide is the e-Book to kick start your journey toward absolute mix professionalism within the pop, rock & metal genres. Practical and direct information, conveying professional techniques, is guaranteed to give you the sort of mixing insight that would traditionally take years to develop as a studio intern. These are the same techniques that have taken the author from being an industry newcomer, to one of the most highly sought after independent mix engineers in the country & abroad.


    - 10 chapters of intense mixing insight, garnered through years of rigorous work and study.
    - Distinct focus on band-based commercial music, with multiple crossovers and universal mixing tips.
    - PRACTICAL examples and tips to get you moving from the get-go.
    - Shared techniques used to effect across numerous professional productions.
    - PDF, ePub & MOBI formats - ensuring compatibility with the latest electronic readers.
    - Intuitive structure, connotated by topical graphics which highlight the reading experience.

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    WANT! Am too poor right now, but this sounds like just the thing I need. I need to know what not to do more, so I don't waste so much time butchering my mixes.

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    Hell yes! And epub format works like a charm on the iPhone apparently (that's where I'll be reading it).

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    This is great! Been looking forward to this for quite a while!!...well, we all have..

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    Grabbed it last night... good read so far.

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