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Thread: Fixing old tracks

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    Fixing old tracks

    So, i recorded this about a year ago when i first got reaper to test reaper more than anything:

    It was 2 takes, one for the rhythm, one for the lead, and it was all pretty much made up on the fly. When i got bored, i cut the recording so it doesn't really end.

    There's clearly mistakes on both parts. Most obviously there's a few major-should-be-minor- and minor-should-be-major type errors that only work in jazz as well as some late entries and phrase rushing :X I want to clean it up, but I have no idea how.

    Firstly, this was done on my pod2 that i don't even use anymore now that i have an hd500. Even if i dug it out of the box, i doubt i saved the tones as a preset. that would make punching in on it pretty hard or obvious.

    I feel that if i just re-record a new lead over the backer that it will lose the original feel that i actually like for a change there's a few stupid parts where i got lost but most of it is a pretty good lead line imo. It's one of the few things i've recorded that i don't hate 5 days later.

    I'd like to put a better version of this on my music page so what do you think i should do to fix it?
    just passing through....

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    Been down this road. With the phaser (?, laptop speakers) all over the lead you're not going to be able to punch in to clean up the boo-boos.

    This is pretty cool - imo, find the tempo, toss some drums and a bassline behind it and just play the shit out of it until you've got it clean, then record it again. Hell, if you want to swing up here some weekend, I'll gladly help you with all of the above.

    Acoustic guitar for the clean bit with some light distorted guitar blended in behind it and it'd sound massive and awesome.

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    yeah i'd say usually the best bet in these situations is a re-record. not much you can do that would sound clean in terms of fixing the mistakes.

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