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Thread: Guitar/ Bass tone test (toobz...)

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    Guitar/ Bass tone test (toobz...)

    Hey guys, recorded a clip of both guitar and bass tones i've been working on. Guitars are going from my Rockmaster into Reaper, panned 85% left/right, then eq'd. The bass is going form the line out on the amp into Reaper too, and compressed a little as well as eq'd. I'd say I definitely got the bass to rumble

    The more and more I listen, I think the guitars are a bit harsh, the crunch channel's got a lot of midrange and the eq certainly enhances that with the settings i've got. Sounds better through my AT headphones than my speakers. No monitors yet...

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    Sounds pretty good., Good sense of dynamics, but still chunky.
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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