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Thread: Punk & Roll - comments?

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    Punk & Roll - comments?

    Hi! ^^

    Here's something I came up with a few weeks ago. Not really my type of music, but it was nice to make something different. :P It's a lot harder to come up with punk riffs than metal riffs :S Trust me!

    I wanted it to feel semi-live, and to be as "jumpable" as possible :P Therefore I didn't care about sloppy playing, the guitar wasn't perfectly intoned, and so on. Drums could be better but I like the feeling of it ^^
    It's recorded DI (both bass and guitar), and the drums are Roland V-drums.

    What do you think? I personally love that snare ^^

    Btw sorry for the click track at the first bar :S For some reason I did not mute it along with the rest of the click track before exporting it :S

    (Btw mods is this the right section for threads like this?)
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    I study geology cause now I hang out with people that like rock ^^

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    Hater you may hate me for this and likers you may like me for this but...

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    HA! This mix brings back some awesome memories of being a teenager for me. I like it.

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    Thanks! ^^
    To be honest I haven't done any more "mixing" than just settings the levels about where I want them And I think that the simplicity production-wise enhances the live-ish feeling: set the levels and rock on! No post-production or fancy effects and so on :P

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