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Thread: Drum track prototype - opinions?

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    Drum track prototype - opinions?


    I am (finally!) up to speed with my feet and hands when playing drums, and my accuracy is good enough to start making drums prototype tracks to the songs I've been writing the last year or two. So, here it is: one of the first songs that I've recorded drums to I've started off with some of the slower songs, as you can hear. This one is at 160BPM, which is a rather irritating tempo for me as it is too fast for normal "leg kick drumming", but too slow of "ankle kick drumming". You can hear this on the double bass rolls, and I apologize for that. However it won't be a problem when I'm going to do the proper recording.

    What do you think? If you have any comments on
    1. Drums sounds
    2. Balance between cymbals, toms, snare and kick
    3. Audibility of the drums all parts of the drum kit
    4. The song itself
    please feel free to leave it! ^^

    Note: this is just a prototype drum track to get an idea of how the drums fit into the song, and to test the balance and so on. I recorded 80% of the drums in one take, and did two retakes at the end (I messes up completely and had to stop and redo it). Therefore there's a lot of misses, the timing is not perfect, fills are messed up and I will probably add, remove and change some of the fills, etc. So if you think that the drummer suck, please keep in mind that this is just a prototype

    It is recorded DI mono (I will record it stereo later) from my Roland TD-12 and TD-9 modules. No editing done, just some minor effects added to the track (like a dynamics processor).

    (Btw is this the right section mods? What section should I post in when I want to share/have opinions on track?)
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    Anyone have anything to say? Or is there nothing I can do to improve it/is it already good?

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    Sounds good playing wise...a couple of timing issues as you've mentioned but the composition sounds fine.

    Recording wise, though...Personally, I'd use either a multitrack recording if you can or, preferably, record a MIDI track off the Drum Modules and send that to EZDrummer/SD if you've got them. It would give you more options mix wise than just taking the stereo out and lets you change the volumes afterwards. I usually end up changing the volumes and EQ of each part of the drum kit individually while mixing so being stuck to whatever came out of the drum module would piss me off pretty quickly.

    I'd turn the reverb on the snare down as well, personally. (I used to use a Roland kit at college and I always found the reverb overpowering.)

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    Ok thanks for the suggestions

    I have actually though about that too (SD2.0), but I am still considering it. I can adjust volume, triggering velocity, reverb and so on in the modules, so it is possible to get a well-balanced sound straight out of the modules. However, if I want something else for some parts of the song, for instance more snare on the chorus, I'll have to go in and set those parameters before recording, which is a bit more complicated than just turning up the volume of the snare in the DAW.

    Playing-wise: as I said it is sort of a demo of a demo. A first "draft".
    Composition-wise: Thank you! ^^ It's not very complicated, and I might change some things, but I think that it blends quite good with the rest of the instrumentation.

    Reverb can be turned down It hasn't bothered me yet, but I'll have another listen and check on the reverb.

    Btw, do you think it is a good idea to mix the normal track from the modules with a MIDI track going through SD or EZD (I record both at the same time), or do you think that will just mess things up?

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    nice track, do you make (or share) also only drum tracks?

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    What do you mean? That I record drum tracks for people... or what?

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