Taming power "pop" from mixers/PA/etc

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Thread: Taming power "pop" from mixers/PA/etc

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    Taming power "pop" from mixers/PA/etc

    One thing that always drives me nuts is that if you forget the golden rule of turning studio shit on and off (speakers are the last on, first off), you get a rather unpleasant KERFUCKINGPOW as a reminder.

    In this case, my shiny new Mackie board just gave me that reminder when I had the 1221s turned on when I powered it down. I had the channels muted, but the pop didn't seem to care. The same things happens with my Axe-Fx if I leave my HS80s on when I power it up/down - the ol' power pop.

    Is there anything that I can buy/put in line/etc to deal with that? It's not really a "problem", since the solution is just turning my shit on and off in the right order, but if there's a failsafe of sorts, I'd love to get one.

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    you can owe me 20 bucks every time you do it.

    this will stop you from forgetting to do it the right way every time. It's the great Canadian idiot tax.

    erin suggests a picture of my face near the switches. I concur.

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    Don't you have a sequential power bar? Just use that, or another one of that.

    Beyond that, there might be some overpriced rackmounted "pop" removers or something.
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    The seq bar is only really useful if you want to turn everything on/off. If I'm just jamming, I don't need my entire DAW on, I just want my AxeFx/board/1221s. (etc etc)

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