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Thread: Another tone question

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    Another tone question

    Have not been here in a while but I am trying asking general contrast to the old pod hd thread I had haha. I am older and wiser now haha.

    Have some questions about tones I have currently, It seems like they seems they lack clarity and yet body at some times. running an X3. I spend every night tweaking constantly haha.

    Also, another question, when you do a track how do you master it? I use ezdrummer and cannot seem to get a fuller sound esp with the bass even after eqing.

    Thanks guys. I appreciated all the help from the thread from last year. It helped me a lot.

    here are some clips.

    Here is a stock PrS SE Mushok (No bass on this atm)

    RGD7321 with aftermaths

    rgd7321 again...thanks angel haha

    ambient track played on....I do not remember which guitar.

    Thanks everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSingleton View Post
    running an X3
    To be totally straight up, this is the reason. You can only expect so much from a $400 piece of equipment. I've personally had all the major modellers in the past and now have an Axe II. You get what you pay for with every single one.

    Also, another question, when you do a track how do you master it?
    The way mastering is mainly meant to be done is just using EQ's, compressors, limiters etc.

    I'm sure someone with a little more know how will chime in on this one.

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    i dont think it's sounding bad because of the x3 and modelling quality does not always depend on the price of the unit. there is some amp sims like TSE or LePou which are absolutely free yet they sound brilliant IMO. of course axe II is brilliant too

    paul wardingham did his debut album entirely with an x3live and it sounds fantastic. joey sturgis's pod tones are also famous.

    EDIT : i checked out the tracks and the guitar tone sounds very much scooped. you have an rgd7321 with BKP aftermaths and an x3. i dont think this is a gear related problem at all. try working on your mix & tones. use your ears. perhaps you need a pair of good monitors? or a studio recording headphone? and are you using any interface/soundcards or recording with the x3's usb ?
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    x3 via usb and I am listening to it via my monitors

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    Yeah, this is seriously saturated, seriously scooped, seriously trebly, and probably seriously bassy but the mix is muddy enough that I can't tell. Honestly, your HD500 tone sounded better than this, though I can see why you would prefer this tone while playing alone.

    Midrange and less gain will fix most of your problems.

    EDIT - just listened to the first clip without bass (I skipped it initially because without bass it's awfully tough to gauge how the low end will sit). Jesus, man, I can barely hear the guitar. It's all bass and treble, to a laughable extent, and it has no body because you've sucked out all the midrange. In a clip like this, the low end should sound pretty weak but that's about it. Here, there's a giant gaping hole where the guitar should be.
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    Hmm, I do agree in retrospect I believe i could make some good tones on an HD now because I was so new to modelling that i had no clue what to do. I may try to get a pro soon but I am trying to make this work for now.

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    put the mids where the gain is and the gain where the mids are. and turn the treble down

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    Oh btw....the mid on some of those are almost maxed. and the gain is insanely low.

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