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Thread: drum recording tips

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    drum recording tips

    I have tried to leave out the most obvious ones, so hopefully theres something in here that you guys will find informative and useful.

    1. try sidechaining your kick and snare to a signal generator. a 70 hz tone can do alot to a kick, especially when you shape the low end with a multi band.

    2. Drum tunneling, look it up if you are not already aware of it!

    3. For gods sake tune! I know its not as bad as a detuned guitar but seriousley tuning the drums makes a big difference, now im not suggesting you make the kick drum tonic and the snare the dominant, although some poeple do recommend this, just tighten or lossen until it starts to fit nicely with the song.

    3. use a sub mic, the yamaha sub kick is cheaper than you might think, and if you dont want to buy one just create one, it is a rather easy process to convert a speaker into a microphone.

    3. for those that use superior drummer, if you have a midi capable electronic drum kit, hook it up to superior! I use my alesis dm10 as a controller to superior drummer and can that way track instead of just sitting at the computer with a midi editor open. Now obviousley you have to actually be able to play what you want to record but tbh if your programming in drums you cant play, your music is just going to be a let down live. Furthermore the amount of time this saves is crazy.

    4. Personally I love the akg c414 in a figure of 8 in between the snare and the high hat at a diagonal angle, may not sound as great with your kit and your room however I consider this position to be a revelation for me, so perhaps something you could try.

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    deffinately will try number 1. Ive heard about this technique and i always wanted to give it a spin but you just reminded me of it

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    You wont be disappointed.

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    I can attest to the second number 3... I love my Yamaha subkick.

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    Usually the first thing I try when applying EQ to kick is a generous low-q scoop around 500hz to 600hz, a low-q bost on the high end, then a hi-q spike around 50hz. After that I'll run a peak limiter to even things out.

    I've had great results doing the kick-tunnel thing using a large diaphragm condenser about 2 feet away from the kick. Just make sure it's a condenser that you don't mind being rough with. That kind of SPL can stretch out the diaphragm a bit.

    Usually after a session I'll go through and sample the whole kit getting several good kick and snare hits. These come in handy if you need to do any replacing or adding during editing. Sometimes we'll get rid of the whole set and leave the kick in the room by itself and mic it with a nice condenser about 6 feet away. This gives you a great natural kick sound that you can EQ and use to replace or blend with the original kick track.

    A cool snare trick you can try: Duplicate the snare track and pitch shift the copy down a bit. Blend the lowered snare track with the original for a deeper more powerful sound.

    You can also have the drummer hit a nice loud rimshot by itself and then blend it slightly with the recorded snare track giving each hit just a little more "thwack".

    I've never owned a subkick but I definitely want to try out one of those babies. I guess they're pretty easy to make.
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