Hey guys my first time here my names Paul and Im new to reaper as well. I have searched all over for how twos on reamping. I could really use some help fast.
For some reason it sounds like as if you plugged straight in and your guitar was turned down half way. So I turn up the track slider and it gets closer but still not "right" Im trying to attach some diagrams of how its running. I have all monster studio link cables coming out of 2626 from balanced trs to xlr and trs to trs from red eye to front of amp. also Im hearing my orignal dry track coming through my moniters at the same time unless I mute that in the 2626 mixer.
Is there somthing i should be messing with on the little labs I see a hole that says "pad" and some other thing i played around with. Anyway thanks in advance!

So I could use a good walk through and some help to make sure its all working right.