Well, here goes my first clip post. I recorded this using my friends software and amp (My old VS100 and a 8412 cab). I boosted it with an Ibanez TM5 pedal, and then added a bit of reverb and very open high and low pass filters. In hindsight, I should definitely have taken WAY more off the high end, and I fucked up very badly when I was playing near the end, but otherwise, my first general attempt at a recording is something I feel pretty proud about.

I was surprised when I came back to this exactly how trebly it sounds. I boosted the shit out of the mids and bass, and turned the treble way down, but I guess the utter crunch of a solid state marshall with a cheap (affordable, anyone?) pedal is not to be underestimated.

What do you guys think? I'm planning to tweak this, and hopefully rerecord a clip I don;t completely botch, but I ran out of time to record today, so. . .


Btw, how do I get the fancy soundclip to play nice and show up on the screen?