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Thread: Current work in progress, Pointers?

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    Current work in progress, Pointers?

    Hey guys, This is the first track off my sideproject that I'm working on at the moment. Not only is it the first entire song I've written by myself in the 10+ years I've been playing guitar but it's the first song I've recorded.

    So I have heaps to learn, but I think I'm making a little progress.
    The track is only some synth, 2 guitars (Hard left, Hard right) and drums so far.

    Any feedback or constructive criticism would be very appreciated.
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    I can't say much about the mix, cause I hardly know how to mix too
    but the guitars could be a bit tighter on the faster chuggy stff

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    My son and I just listened to it and his comment was "he gets it" we really liked it.
    Might try alternating kicks drums at 1:17 and 1:24...assuming your using a digital drum. If so, it must have been a bitch to score. My son has his own comments....I'll le him write...

    Guitar is spot on, tight and driving with just enough slop to make it sound effortles and natural. As for the drums mentioned above, theres a part where the kick rolls steady 64th and gives away the machine. IF the first half was 32nd then second half 64th, or 2/3 the way through.. I don't know, which ever sounds more natural, like an actual drummer would use the 32nd's to gain momentum, then round it off and cap it up with the 64th's slapping right into the scrote.

    Guitar sounds good to me. I don't aggree with the slop comment...being a guitarist. He meant it in a good way.

    What DAW are you using? Sounds pretty damn good.
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    Thanks guys, yeah it all has plenty of room for improvement.
    I'm using cubase 5 with a line 6 toneport GX as my interface.
    I'll definitely try out the drums idea! I also need to play with the velocities to make it sound more natural.

    The guitar tone is just the LePou peavey VST with a boost and KeFir Impulse loader.

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