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Thread: Ownhammer cabinets public beta - free impulses!

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    Ownhammer cabinets public beta - free impulses!

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been very hard at work on multiple and varied projects over the
    last six months. One of these projects has been working on ways to
    improve and expand the Speaker Cabinets libraries to provide the best
    sounding product to the widest array of possible tastes and
    applications. I feel I have succeeded, and would like to see what you
    think as well.

    Some of you may already be familiar with what I do, and others may
    not. To the uninitiated, what is included here is a small sampling
    from my 'middle of the road' (in terms of verbosity) package offering,
    and in this particular case of a Bogner 4x12 cabinet with Celestion
    Vintage 30's. Axe-Fx, Axe-Fx II, convolution reverb wave audio, and
    commercial Nebula file formats are provided here, and I encourage you
    all to compare as many of the different platforms as you can. For
    those working in the DAW, the Nebula implementation here simply cannot
    be beaten in terms of sound quality, realism, and ease of use with the
    programmable interface of multiple tone options.

    This is a limited time offering, and will expire when all final
    decisions are made as the full library is released in the near future.
    If you like what you hear, please consider picking up the commercial
    version when it is released.

    The public beta package can be downloaded from the following address:


    Please feel free to re-post the link wherever you'd like, the more
    exposure the better, but the files follow the same usage restrictions
    as the commercial libraries so re-hosting is expressly forbidden. Once
    the beta period expires and the offering is absorbed into the
    commercial library, the link and files will cease to exist.

    I look forward to lurking through the threads on the various forums
    where this ends up and hearing any sound clips you may have to post;
    it helps get an idea for the kinds of musical styles, equipment, and
    tones most folks are after these days, and is also nice to see the
    results of all the hard work on display.

    Enjoy, and look for more exciting developments to be unveiled in the
    coming months!

    All the best,



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    Location: Boston, MA
    ME: JP6 / Carvin CS4
    MA: Martin DC-1E
    Rig: Axe-Fx II XL

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    * Fall 2012 OwnHammer Public Beta *

    Thank you for checking out the public beta, I hope it serves you well and gives you an idea
    of what to expect from the OwnHammer Speaker Cabinet libraries in the future!

    This beta is licensed to you for free until the beta period expires. What does this mean?
    You can use these files indefinitely, however you may not re-host them, sell them, etc;
    all the standard rules and regulations of a commercial library apply as this package is
    bound by the same EULA. You may link to the package location at OwnHammer.com, and is
    encouraged, but the files must come directly from my site. Once the beta expires, the
    included files will be absorbed into the most up to date revision of the commercial library.
    If you enjoy and have benefitted from the use of the beta files, please pick up a copy of the
    full library; sales are necessary for continued development of existing and new products.

    Below is a run down of what's inside:

    * File Format Inclusions *

    Within the 'Axe-Fx' and 'Axe-Fx-II' directories are properly formatted and minimum phase
    transformed Fractal Audio SysEx files. 'Axe-Fx' directory files will only work with the
    Standard and Ultra, and 'Axe-Fx-II' directory files will only work with the Axe-Fx II. If
    unfamiliar with how to load them, please see the Fractal Audio website, wiki, and/or forum
    on how to do so. Within these two directories are files for both the Shure SM57 microphone
    as well as the Earthworks TC30. Feedback over the last couple of years is that combining
    these two mics works wonderfully for FRFR amplification applications.

    Within the 'Nebula' directory are two files, one with an *.N2P file extension, the other
    with a *.N2V file extension. These files work with COMMERCIAL (i.e. you have to pay for
    it) version of Nebula. Nebula 3 Pro is always recommended. If unfamiliar, once you have
    installed and registered Nebula, drop the N2P file into the "Programs" folder wherever you
    have installed Nebula, and the N2V file in the Vectors folder under that same parent. If
    you have any general usability questions regarding Nebula, please see their forum and FAQ,
    as well as the 'Nebula Platform' FAQ at OwnHammer.com. For this format, the Shure SM57
    microphone captures are provided.

    Within the 'Wav' directory are convolution reverb wave audio impulse response files. All
    files are 24 bit, and come in 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates in both mono and
    stereo (dual mono) for use with convolution reverb hosts and/or other compatible hardware
    or software. All files are minimum phase transformed, which means you can mix them time
    and phase coherence with any other files that conform with this alignment standard. It is
    worth noting that previous OwnHammer libraries are not minimum phase transformed as up until
    the arrival of Axe-O-Matic DSP (also at OwnHammer.com) there was not a program with a fully
    functional MPT subsection. Other market tools were conditionally broken and prone to very
    large and destructive errors. For this format, the Shure SM57 microphone captures are provided.

    * Explanation of File Names *

    If unfamiliar with previous OwnHammer libraries, there is a proprietary (and now expanded)
    naming convention. Mic positions are not laid out in measurements, but arbitrary sequential
    numbering. Within this numbering scheme are the following rules to follow:

    - As positions change from 1 to 9, they go from brighter to darker respectively, as the mic
    is swept in such a manner to provide such results. Start at position 5 and move outward or
    inward from there, if necessary.
    - The letter "F" preceding the position number indicates "Fat" mode. In this derivative you
    will hear an increase in the more 'fat and thumpy' low frequencies.
    - The letter "W" preceding the position number indicates "Warm" mode. In this derivative you
    will hear an increase in body via additional low mid frequency information.
    - The letters "WF" preceding the position number indicates "Warm & Fat" mode. This is a
    combination of the Fat and Warm modes and has a significant increase in the girth and body in
    relationship to the 9 normal mode positions.

    To make parallel mixing of IR's a breeze for the Axe-Fx platforms, check out Axe-O-Matic DSP,
    which can do this plus serial mixing of filters, and is available for Mac and Windows:

    Axe-O-Matic DSP - $20.00 : OwnHammer.com - Store

    All sales go directly to the developer of the application.

    * Nebula Stuff *

    With the Nebula iteration there are a few things to keep in mind if you are relatively new to
    the platform. First and foremost, you CAN clip the inputs and outputs of this plugin. Unlike
    convolution reverb, this is a much more organic environment, and the Nebula implementation provided
    here is not a static filter and may require some tweaking/personalization, though optimal
    parameters (my rough opinion, anyway) are already set by default. So first and foremost, keep
    an eye on your meters and listen for strange or harsh sounds that would indicate you need to
    revisit your input and output levels in the plugin or the audio source feeding it.

    Next up, primary controls:

    * Mix1 = POSN *
    This slider gives you static control over the mic position, as previously detailed.

    * Mix2 = FAT *
    This slider gives you continuous control of blending in "Fat" mode for the selected position.

    * Mix3 = WARM *
    This slider gives you continuous control of blending in the "Warm" mode for selected position.

    * Mix7 = DRIVE *
    This slider allows you to raise the volume of the harmonic order audio kernels (in this case
    harmonic orders 2 through 8) in relationship to the primary fundamental, which does not increase
    in volume. In this way you can control the amount of harmonic saturation you want in the signal.
    There is such a thing as too much, so more isn't always better, but is available for you to control.


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    A couple of these are damn fine! Especially when blended with one of the 'go-to's' that I have. Good call, sir!
    Recording. Mixing. Mastering. Editing. Re-Amping.

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    Yoinked, will probably try them out over the weekend

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    thanks! downloading right now...

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    thanked; downloading this!

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    Very cool, gonna try them out and maybe post some sample clips.

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    MA: Fender CD60
    Rig: Pod HD500

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    downloaded them almost 2 weeks ago. got a chance to test them out today and it totally blew me away! these are by far the best free ir-s i have ever used! if the free beta stuff sounds like this i wonder what the full paid package will deliver! absolutely awesome! i'm using the the 48khz wavs with lecab. good job Kevin!

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