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Thread: Talk to me about Logic

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    Talk to me about Logic

    So I bought Logic 9 this morning, after reading all of the rave reviews about it (and now that the price is cheaper) I figured it was worth checking out, especially since I'm a big Mac nut.

    My workflow in Reaper is pretty solid, and I'm not sure I'll make the switch completely, but the MIDI editing in Logic definitely seems better than Reaper's (imo) abysmal piano roll.

    I only had a minute or two to check it out before heading to work while it background downloaded all of the extra plugins/modules, but it seems pretty slick. The DAW switch is always a painful experience, so expect a lot of newbie questions from me over the next month or two.

    All that said - where's a good place to start for tutorials and such? Any good tip/trick sites out there?

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    I wish I could help, but I sold my copy (before it was on the app store) ages ago. I've been using GB until Logic 10 (or X) comes out. The MIDI editing definitely was great though, I felt it to be too complex for me at the time to really have the time to sit down and learn it.
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    I've spent a LOT of time in Reaper, and before that I was a big Cakewalk/Sonar user, and even though I'm a pretty good "DAW guy" these days, every switch is usually a painfully frustrating experience. Reaper is complicated as fuck at first, but like anything the more you use it the more sense it makes.

    It's really all about finding a good workflow, so you can spend more time actually recording and playing guitar and less time fucking with the damn software. I know I'm setting myself up for some aggravation, but I've always wanted to check it out anyway and for $200 plus another like 20 for MainStage (which I'm not sure I really even needed), I figure at the very least I can use a lot of the plugins bundled with Logic if I end up sticking with Reaper.

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    Logic really is perfect for me. I love the workflow and flexibility. There's all sorts of pointer videos over YouTube. If you have any specific questions I can try and answer them, but you're a smart guy. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Every DAW has its own learning curve.

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    One thing that makes Reaper awesome is the two fucking fantastic eBooks out there for it by Geoffrey Francis.

    (these: REAPER 4 Unleashed by Geoffrey Francis (Paperback) - Lulu)

    Is there something like that for Logic? Since it's a Mac thing, there are 894357947 books out there for it, and I know that 99% of them are by shitbags just rehashing what they find on Google.

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    On our last project I had to work in Reaper (at home) as well as in Logic (studio).

    One thing that was a total bummer and took me 1 day to figure out, and which you will come across sooner or later: Logic ignores tempomaps when you import a midifile. To import the tempomap as well, you have to START with the midifile, and open it via the normal "open" command, not via "import" (or whatever it is called), so Logic opens a new project and has then the midi file importet and the tempo map included.

    This gets annyoing when you start working with templates. You must then open first your template, than open the midi file (as new project/session), copy and paste/drop n drag the tempo map over into the prior opened template - and be precise with pasting it, it was (for me!) not possible to tell it something like "paste at" automatically - it will paste it wherever your mouse points, or not at all.

    If you find a workaround maybe someday, let me know, because I know I will stumble over this again...

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    The first thing I'd do, once you have a project opened, is setting the snap settings. You can adjust it by clicking the Snap drop-down in the upper right area of the screen. I've always found the default "Smart" snap option to be a bit difficult, so I usually set it "Beat" or "Division" in the main window. When editing MIDI, I usually have it set to "Division". Also, make sure that you check "Snap to Absolute Value". Otherwise, I've found that when adding MIDI notes, they tend to anchor just a little off of where you intend them to be.

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    I'm still learning Logic coming from Reaper as well it's a definite learning curve but once things mesh I think you'll really enjoy it.

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