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    Guitar/Computer interface

    So my buddy has a basic home studio setup using logic and we're looking into getting a guitar/computer interface for direct recording. There's a lot of options and I'm not familiar with most of them so are there any in particular you guys have had a good experience with? I had a line 6 guitar port something or other a while back that got the job done but I'm sure there's better options out there.

    Thanks and sorry in advance if a similar thread has already been posted. I tried searching and nothing came up.

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    You looking for firewire or USB? How many ins and outs?

    I've got the TC Electronic Konnekt 8 which is firewire and it works great! Before I picked it up I was looking at the Konnekt 6 which has no MIDI but built in reverb instead.

    I was also looking at the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 or 24 series... For USB the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 looks good and quite affordable.

    I see that you have a Randall T2 as well btw, nice!

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    I'd highly recommend the Focusrites. I've got the Saffire Pro 24 and it's a cracking bit of kit.


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    For the price, this does a pretty good job. I bought one to interface to Sonar X1 via a usb port. It has one input.

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    Thanks a lot guys this was very helpful. BTW empryrean I dig that recording

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    Im glad you asked this question. I am trying to build myself a studio set up, but I litterally have no idea how to work 90% of this stuff. My current recordings are done with a cheap mic sitting in a stack of cups in front of my amp, randomly placed, into a demo version of live lite, which i have no idea how to use. its time to improve, im a fan of those focusrites.

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    The Yamaha Audiograms are good for the $$$
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