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    A Newcomer Looking for Help

    Hello Everyone,

    Kind of new to metalguitarist been a member for awhile but mainly just been reading posts instead of posting stuff. I'm working on a project right now for a friends band and would like some valuable pointers to make this mix sound better.

    Set Up:
    Computer(enough processing power no need for specifics) BUT USING PC WINDOWS 7
    Sonar X1
    Superior Drummer Metal Foundary most current version
    Various vst and plugins

    Tascam US122 audio input(not the greatest i know but using whats available)
    Drums were recorded from a Yamaha dtxplorer electric kit for midi notes.

    Guitars were DI into tascam us122 then re amp with amp vsts and impulses cabinets.

    If any more set up details is needed let me know.

    I have heard some very good mixes from people on here so i'm hoping to get some advice on making this mix better. This is my very first approach to a mix so bare with me lol

    Don't worry about ending going to be faded well before the drum solo my friend was messing around.

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    cant hear those drums properly. eq them / bring the levels up.

    this sounds like a black metal track and black metal bands are not famous for their crystal clear audio production.

    but i think u should really work on the drums to begin with. good luck!

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