Anyone here using the Mobius looper from Circular Labs?


I've downloaded it for the second time after a failed attempt a couple of years back. This time I've kind of got my head around the basics and set it up with my old Roland FC-200. I've currently got footswitches 1 - 5 selecting which track to use, and 6 - 9 the 4 loops set to available within the track (grouped so the loops for all tracks change simultaneously). My CTL footswitch is record/hold to delete, bank down is overdub, bank up is reverse loop, and #10 is multiply.

Seems there's an incredible amount of stuff possible but the open nature of it makes it difficult to get started (IMO). Probably going to use 2 amps and A/B them, one set for the loops, one for live. Seems easiest that way.