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Thread: Another EZmix demo: Metal Month/Koloss edition

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    Another EZmix demo: Metal Month/Koloss edition

    So using the same generic clip I always do, I just wanted to show people a VERY quick example of the new EZMix stuff. I just DI'd my Loomis using the Koloss Rhythm Mix preset (two tracks, one panned hard left and the other panned hard right), I don't have a bass so I pitch shifted it an octave lower and used the Koloss Bass preset, used the Koloss SD2.0 preset, and just threw a Master Limiter preset on the master bus. My playing is sloppy and it still would need a lot of work before being a final finished product, but for a very quick example with very minimal tweaking this does sound pretty awesome.

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    I've been having a lot of fun with this stuff as well. Haven't grabbed the S2.0 preset, but I don't think I will. EZMix undoubtedly makes things a lot easier and quicker.
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