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Thread: Please critique my mix

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    Please critique my mix

    Hey guys,

    This is really the first time I've posted any audio clips but I was just wondering if I could get your input on the mix. I was trying to mix with the goal of getting every instrument to sit nicely in the mix and the sound I was going for was more of a Alice in Chains, Grungier tone (read: no where near Djent ).

    This was also my first test of the Addictive Drums Metal Pack and I wanted to write a drum part which used most of the kit. Also, from about the 0:28 second mark there's no cymbals or hats because I didn't finish them and then my computer crashed and I lost it.

    SoundClick artist: Andy - mix tests - page with MP3 music downloads

    Guitars were PODHD 500 Mesa Boogie Sim with the sneap impulse.
    Bass was direct and done the "Ola Englund" method.
    Drums were Addictive Drums Metal pack.

    Cheers Guys

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    Nice mix!!!
    The drums do sound pretty punchy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forewarned View Post
    (read: no where near Djent ).
    I will DEFINITELY check this out.
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    Thanks for the words guys. Anyone else have any comments?
    Always looking to get feedback as I want to keep improving with recording.

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    If the snare velocity can go any higher, I'd want to increase it for that extra snap and crack. That seems more appropriate for a heavy mix like this. Otherwise, sounds pretty good.

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    Guitars could have a bit more sheen, (boost 6k and up maybe). Other than that sounds great. Snare is not my taste though, but thats much more subjective. Good work.

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    Guitars lack a bit of high end, give them more air! I would give the drums more room sound, too.

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    Overall not bad but the drums need a LOT more ambience and velocity humanisation on the snare particularly. Guitars aren't too bad but want more air to fill that gap between the cymbals and the rest of the mix. Bass tone is great but is a bit tubby and is swamping the power of the low end.

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