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Thread: I have Cubase 7

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    I have Cubase 7

    For free! and yes, legit
    Got it in for work from Steinberg and am trying it out at home.

    I am literally installing it on my home PC while typing this (I have had it for a few days on my laptop but have none of my projects on it so havent really been able to try it out properly).
    I love Cubase and have done for years. 7 so far has proven to be everything it is hyped up to be and more! The new mixer being my fav new feature. So user friendly and quick.

    I have no video software at the mo which is gash but I will see if a mate can put something together for me and I will post it up.

    In the mean time: Let me know if there is anything I can look into as I wanna know about it all as much as you and can report my findings

    I can do screen shots easily enough so I will get some up when I have a project up and running in it

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    Nice! I'm interested in how the online collaboration features work

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    I'm thinking of upgrade from Cubase 5. Not sure if it's a worthy upgrade yet.

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    I always skip a version, the upgrades usually cost the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kostein View Post
    I'm thinking of upgrade from Cubase 5. Not sure if it's a worthy upgrade yet.
    5 was/is a great version. Last two versions haven't added significant improvements, from what I've seen of them.

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    7 seems to be an improvement though, I want it!

    Don't worry about people talking behind your back, it just means you're one step ahead and they're in perfect position to kiss your ass!

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    Have they sorted the 32bit bridge this time?

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    So I have been using this for a little while and there are a few glitches. However they could be my machine (looking into this / a tech savvy dude is going to help me out)

    My CPU / VST performance is through the roof!

    Do get Cubase 7 to install at all, I had to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP. Cubase 5 in XP ran about 45% / 50% usage on my biggest projects and this one is definitely not a big project for me...
    I am looking into whether it is my chipset drivers. (This shit is beyond me so any help would be immensely appreciated)

    Second: Mixdowns
    I keep getting random pops on a couple of my tracks but only in mixdowns. I have found 1 other person on the Cubase issues forum who had the exact same problem but his thread had no replies.

    Third: Mixdowns again - prob related to the CPU usage:
    I get the CPU overload message during realtime export. If I export offline, my track is missing superior drummer. I mixdown again and the drums are there until about halfway through and they stop and the remainder of the track is drumless.

    IMO these are the biggest problems going!

    As a result my M-Audio Delta 66 outright will not work.

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