My friend's band asked if I want to record their next album...

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Thread: My friend's band asked if I want to record their next album...

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    My friend's band asked if I want to record their next album...

    A bunch of my buddies are in a local band that pull a decent crowd and do pretty well for themselves, they asked me if I want to record their next album/record.

    I am flattered and scared at the same time. I have a MacBook Pro currently and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP as my recording interface. I have both Reaper and Logic, and all the Toontrack stuff. My biggest fear is if I can do it.

    First fear is they have two guitarists and a bassist, a vocalist, and a drummer. I have no idea if they want live drums or not recorded.

    Then comes my mixing/editing skills and mastering skills. Ugh!

    What should I say to these guys? It would be a great experience and learning experience, I don't think it would be fair for me to charge them.

    I'm looking for guidance here. What do I do!?

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    Set expectations with them. Make sure they don't expect you to make it sound like a perfect studio recording. If you do, bonus, but make sure that they aren't expecting that as the bare minimum.

    As for drums? Ask them!

    Don't be scared of it, just be realistic. If you think you can do what they want, or if they aren't expecting anything and are just doing it half as a bit of fun, then go for it. If they think you are on the level of someone like Devin Townsend but you know in yourself you aren't, make sure they know it.

    In other words, don't pretend to be something you aren't, and make sure they aren't expecting too much, thats all you should need to do.

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    Just believe in yourself dude, tell yourself you can make A+ recordings. You'll be surprised at how far you can get in life with such an attitude.

    Good luck and merry xmas!

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    This sounds like a great project to start with. Be honest with them about what you can and can't do well and there is nothing to be afraid of.

    When I used to do projects in my little home studio I used to tell the bands coming in that I could do pretty well with guitars, bass, and vocals but I lacked a quality room and top shelf gear to drums with. I had a few on disk I could show them and some picked live drums, others chose to program software.
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    yeah, basically what these guys said.
    Me and my mate helped these local guys record a black metal EP, which was lucky because all their gear and our mics sounded like shit anyway haha. But its actually sounding surprisingly good, tbh. Just using Reaper and some Shure/Audix cheapo 58sm type mics. Took us about a week to get all the guitars and drums done, recording every day. We spent a lot of that time smoking weed haha but it came along quite well, considering i had a two day band practice during the middle... woah hijacking this thread with my own shitty story haha soz.

    but nah, just explain to them that it might not be the best quality thing they've ever heard, but at least they'll have something done, you know?

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    Offer to do a single as a trial song - if they dig it, great, go on and do a full length. If not, no harm no foul, and tell them you won't be offended (and be sure you mean this) if they opt to do something else.
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    Drew is giving good advise in a recording thread. Weird.

    Oh wait. It's not a thread about releasing your own album.

    Nyuck Nyuck.

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    I did my first recording for a band for $300 flat, but I ended up spending well over 40 hours just figuring out how to do shit. Best learning experience in recording thus far. Now that I look back it sounds like crap, but it got those guys gigs and still does today! Even made it on a radio station or two. Just let them know how important a recording is for promotion, they'll get it.

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