I just copy-pasted from ss.org, because fuck retyping!

I got an SM57 for christmas, so i've spent my morning making impulse responses!

The guitar cab is a Rivera 2X12 cab with V30 speakers, and i made the impulses with the SM57, my Se X1, and a TLM MT85-MKII.

Download link:

You get the choice of 44.1 KHz or 48.0 KHz, both of them 24 Bit.

You also get the choice between phase adjusted impulses, which i have phase aligned by hand so they'll blend as perfectly as possible, without giving you icky phase issues, OR you can use the unaltered raw impulses if you want realism. This will give you phase differences and comb filtering, which you can use to get specific timbres and textures if you blend them in carefully.

As a bonus, i made four impulse responses of my bass amp, a Fender Frontman B60. Just for teh lulz!

So, let me know what you guys think, and i hope they come in handy for you!