Hey guys

I'm PJ the guitarist and main songwriter in a band called sarkophagus, we were originally a live band but due to lack of members and time due to college we have become and studio project just writing material and posting it online.

The reason we are looking for a new member is to bring a new angle and perspective into our writing as writing most of the music myself has become difficult and uninspiring lately, I think the introduction of someone new to bounce ideas off and write alongside would benefit our music greatly and speed up the process. we already have members from America and Ireland involved, one of which being Connor Reibling from Akeldama

The following criteria is essential to being in this project
-own a 7 string guitar
-have past experience in writing music
-have experience in writing orchestal sections
-is willing to spend a moderate amount of time on project
-has access to recording equipment

What we want you to do is, write and produce a short piece containing 2-3 riffs or sections showing what you would offer to the project. Post all entries below, we will make sure to listen and comment on each one. looking forward to hearing from you.

If you are unable to record at the moment but have access to guitar pro we will also accept guitar pro files instead of recordings, just private message us a link to the file

[VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQSF2izN8XM]Sarkophagus - Amalthea - YouTube[/VIDEO]