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Thread: 'Nother critique my mix thread!

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    'Nother critique my mix thread!

    Please feel free to critique my song, whether it be about the mix, writing, tone, drums... anything, even if it's 'kill yourself plz'.

    Genre would be... Metal? lol, Melodic metal i guess? Maybe with a bit of silly prog added? I dunno, I dont care about genres, Its not djent, and its not country.. thats about all i can tell you.


    Gear: (Or lack of)

    Guitars sounds are from Amplitube's Randall amp (metal lead W i think?) and the Poulin Bogner head (leXTAC?). Cabs are JJ impulses. Drums are SD2.0, Metalheads kit with the hihat and ride from the N.Y. Avatar kit.

    Guitar is an Ibanez RGA7 with an 81-7 in the bridge, 707TW in the neck. Bass is an Ibanez SR406.

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    Bumper car

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    I know fuck all about mixing but it doesn't sound bad. Don't really care for the clean guitar sound around 3:00.
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