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Thread: How do you do drums?

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    How do you do drums?

    Ok, I can do guitar, bass, and keyboard.

    How in the world do you record drums?

    I have some drum kits in my SampleTank demo and I know each key is a different drum, etc.

    What the f, though? How do you actually put down the drums? Do you just sit there tapping out the rhythm the entire time on the keys? Do you do it in a piano roll? Do you use those pads (I have 4 pads on my keyboard but they suck and I'd rather just use the keys TBH)? Do any of you actually have a drum set, either real drums or one of those kits?

    How do you actually come up with a good drum beat? Is there like a book or class or something I can take? The only thing I know how to do is like 8th notes with the high hat and bass, snare, bass bass, snare. That's not what I'm looking for, though.

    It's funny. I listen to a ton of music and I even hear the drum parts but I have no idea how to compose them.


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    The short answer is to use the Piano Roll.

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    I'll usually play it in on my MIDI keyboard, sometimes doing cymbals and kick/snare separately, and then edit afterwards in the piano roll, adding in changes and fills and whatever I couldn't play (or played wrong ). Just straight clicking it into the piano roll works too, if you aren't comfortable playing it in, but then you have to pay more attention to manually adjusting the velocity of everything or it sounds mechanical.

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    Piano roll. The best way to figure out what to play is to spend some time working out the drum beats to songs you like. It's slow going but it can sound pretty damned good if you spend some time on it.
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    I was playing around with some drums and the metronome last night. Why is playing to the click so hard? I wouldn't think it would be but was continually amazed that I got off the beat every like 5 seconds. I was tapping my foot along with it but my foot ended up following my fingers (or maybe the other way around) rather than the metronome.

    Maybe it happens when I'm recording because I get nervous and start to go faster?

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    ^ sounds like you're learning to play like a real drummer

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    Another possibility is to use Guitar Pro to create Midi drums and then export/import the file into your DAW. Then you assign whatever drum library you have to it. To get a kickstart download some songs (there are plenty of free sites) into GP and copy paste those midi drum patterns into your own songs. Try drum tabbing a few of your fave songs it's quite fun when you get into it. Good luck!

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    How is using Guitar Pro to create MIDI drums different than using any other program? Right now I'm using Sampletank 2.5 in Reaper and doing it mostly in piano roll.

    Tabbing my favorite songs, last night I decided I was going to try something "easy" like Smells Like Teen Spirit. After all, I just got a bass guitar so I have all the necessary instruments. I did the intro, then the heavy guitars, then the bass, then the clean guitars, and then it was time for drums. LOL. I feel like I can't even hear the drums correctly when I'm listening. It must be a skill you have to acquire. I mean, I can hear the different drums and I know what they sound like but I don't know which drums or drum combos make which sounds. So I hear it and it's like "oh yeah, that sound." Imagine like someone who has listened to a lot of music but never played an instrument who knows what a minor chord sounds like but doesn't actually know how to construct a minor chord when they sit down at a piano. That's me with drums.

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