Don't know if any of you folk use Live, but I've sworn by it since I first started using it around version 4 or 5. Anyway, Live 9 finally came out today, and I've been eligible for a free upgrade since last October, so I was obviously pretty keen to jump on board...

Long story short, Ableton have no idea how to coordinate a launch. Their site has been down the vast majority of the day today; when I finally managed to download the relevant zip, it was corrupt; by the time they finally managed to fix it, the authorisation servers had gone down. 6 hours later, I'm up and running, thank Christ!

Looking pretty slick so far:

(Click for full-size version)

The new EQ is particularly awesome - it's like a basic spectral analyser as well now, which makes finding troublesome frequencies a hell of a lot easier. Been playing around with the Glue Compressor, which is also new, and it certainly seems like the sort of thing that'll come in handy.

So... A PITA to get hold of, but seems worth it so far. Anyone else a Live user?