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Thread: another question about tracking/recording

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    another question about tracking/recording

    When I track rhythm guitars I usually track in parts or bits of like 8-16 bars or so.

    Then I often do several takes and choose whichever take sounded best to me.

    Now I tried something different: I cut the takes into pieces of 1, 2 or 4 bars and then I choose the best bars out of each take, so the final version will actually be a combination of the best bars out of several takes.

    Is this common practice? Or is it more common to track a whole part in one take and use the whole take instead of comping one version out of the best bits and pieces of several takes?

    I feel a bit like I'm cheating here by doing this, hence my question if this is commonly done in recording?

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    If it works for you, go for it.

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    There's a ton of editting that goes on when you hear a track off a record. So, I don't see how using the tools at your disposal is really cheating? Plus, I don't know if you have used Studio One or not but this kind of editting is SOO EASY it wouldn't make sense to not utilize it!

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    If it doesn't bother you then I'm sure it's not going to bother anyone else.
    Depends really if your music works with it or not.

    I like the idea for my music to NOT be perfect all the time, but for certain bands I expect it to be perfect. If I had a Meshuggah sounding band I would probably do the best bar repeat thing. As long as it isn't too obvious! But Feared for instance is supposed to be unpolished cause it contributes to the rawness.

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    Thanks a lot, guys, I appreciate your input!

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    haha it would pretty much depend on how good i was at playing the stuff!

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    For me it depends on what it is I want to get out of the song. Generally it can be categorized two ways. The first is: One take only policy no exceptions (but lets be realistic) for the "have a laugh, let of some steam with the mates" songs. Otherwise the second normally is: "ok this time I am really really going to try not to edit so much, really.. but lets be realistic" for songs that are serious business in nature. The best advice I can give on this subject (perhaps a bit offtopic) stems from past one of my lessons learned which is to not use tab software such as guitar pro as the main (in my case almost only) songwriting tool.

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    I usually try to at least START with a complete take, though I'll do the occasional punch in here and there if I get one that I'm 95% happy with but I audibly blow a bar or two here and there.

    I'd have to go back and check, but I suspect some of the rhythm tracks on my album were single takes. A few, however, were definitely comped pretty heavily.
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