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Thread: Something else to spend bux on...PT 11

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    Something else to spend bux on...PT 11

    They redesigned the audio engine to be 64 bit. And they promise to deliver better performance with the same hardware....not cheap though. I'm on PT9 though the compatibility for my 2010 MBP looks iffy

    Avid |News Room

    / Press Room
    Avid Pro Tools 11 Sets New Standard for Audio Production
    LAS VEGAS, NV, April 7, 2013 , 2013-04-07

    Core engine, 64-bit architecture, and expanded metering empower audio professionals to handle the most demanding sessions, compose with more virtual instruments and effects, and collaborate directly with Media Composer editors

    NAB (Booth #SU902), LAS VEGAS, NV, April 7, 2013 –- Avid® (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced Avid Pro Tools® 11, a major upgrade of its industry-leading digital audio workstation that redefines music and audio production for today’s workflows. This latest version enables audio professionals to take on the most demanding productions with new, high-powered audio and video engines, 64-bit architecture, expanded metering, and direct HD video workflows.

    “Pro Tools 11 represents a quantum leap in creative power,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Services at Avid. “The newly designed architecture turbo-charges production with more plug-in processing, the ability to run more virtual instruments—and a host of new features—letting users create ambitiously, without holding anything back.”

    Pro Tools 11 delivers the features, performance, and workflows professionals need to take on today’s increasingly complex sessions and tighter timelines. Key benefits and features include:

    Fully redesigned audio engine and 64-bit architecture
    New Avid Audio Engine — Delivers multiple times the processing power of Pro Tools 10 on the same hardware configurations.
    64-bit architecture — Exponentially increases the number of simultaneous virtual instruments and the performance to handle the most sophisticated sessions.
    Offline bounce — Delivers mixes up to 150 times faster than real time.
    Low-latency input buffer — Ensures ultra-low latency record monitoring without sacrificing plug-in performance.
    Dynamic host processing — Maximizes plug-in count by reallocating processing resources as needed.
    Expanded metering
    Extended standards support — Features a broad range of built-in metering standards, from peak and average to VU and PPM, to maintain adherence to regional broadcast requirements.
    Gain reduction — Shows gain reduction for all dynamics plug-ins on each channel.
    Direct HD video workflows
    Built-in Avid Video Engine — Enables audio post professionals to play and edit a wide range of HD video formats including Avid DNxHD®, directly in the Pro Tools timeline without transcoding, using the same core engine as in Media Composer®.
    Video interface support — Enables monitoring of DNxHD and QuickTime media through Avid Nitris® DX, Avid Mojo® DX, and other video interfaces.
    “In the world of professional mixing, I constantly need more processing power, and the extra power in Pro Tools 11 is exactly what I need,” said Tim Palmer, mixer and engineer for U2, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, The Cure, and INXS. “I love the new metering and the new sends view is excellent.* It is really impressive. Pro Tools 11 is a big leap forward.”

    Availability & Pricing

    Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools HD 11 will be available in the online Avid Store and at Avid resellers worldwide later in Q2 2013. For more information, click here. Pricing will be as follows:

    Pro Tools 11 software (full version)— $699 USD
    Pro Tools 10 to 11 upgrade— $299 USD
    Pro Tools 9 to 11 upgrade— $399 USD
    Pro Tools Express to Pro Tools 11 cross grade— $499 USD
    Pro Tools HD 10 to 11 upgrade— $599 USD
    Pro Tools HD 9 to 11 upgrade— $999 USD

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    I have 10, thinking about upgrading but I kind of doubt I will. I've never been even close to tapping out on processing power. Though I'm glad they finally have a decent offline bounce, speaking cubase and even garageband has had those capabilities for years.

    Cubase is still my favorite Daw but everyone uses protools and it's nice to take mixes to quality spaces whenever I get the chance.

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    So, its basically reaper 3, but probably slower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDV View Post
    So, its basically reaper 3, but probably slower.
    I was thinking that - it finally caught up with something Reaper's been doing for what, two years? Right on, Avid.
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    Looks like a decent update, I'll be upgrading because I'm on a student licence and get 4 years of upgrades from last september Gonna need an AAX version of steven slate drums though since RTAS is being dropped. Wondering what features are gonna be HD only too.

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    I'd give this a shot if not for the stupid ass iLok nonsense.

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    I've been using ilok for my slate shit for a couple of years now. Its pretty slick, and is by far the least headache inducing copy protection I have to deal with.

    Once you get over the honest-paying-customer-tax of it. Which I never really did. But it is a good system, in my experience.

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    I thought I'd find iLok a bigger pain in the ass but it's alright, I usually keep it plugged in to the hub on my monitor instead of my macbook, although recently Pro Tools doesn't seem to see it every time it starts so I hope that's not getting ready to give up, it's only 6 months old

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