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Thread: Microphone hiss

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    Microphone hiss

    I am trying to record acoustic guitar through a konnekt 6 interface, using Cubase 5 as the recording software. When I record the guitar and even when the microphone I am using is not plugged in there is an unbearable amount of hiss on the channel.
    Can anyone tell me if they have had the same problem with Cubase 5, or is it possibly my audio interface? Thanks.

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    I would bet on it being your audio interface - what are you using, and how high do you have the preamp turned up? Can you back it down quite a bit and still get acceptable output? You don't need to be anywhere near 0db, somewhere in the -12 to -18db range is where I usually have peaks falling.
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    Definitely sounds like a level too high somewhere on the interface - either on the hardware or in the software controlling it. I'm not sure if the TC box has a software counterpart like MOTU does with Cuemix, but have a look there. At 0db gain on your inputs it should be silent.

    If you disarm the channel in Cubase, does the hissing stop?

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    That or you have plugins running that have an "analog" setting
    That literally just adds hiss and noise.

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    It turned out I needed to use the xlr input for my mic and not a jack. Problem solved, thanks for your replies.

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