Using a bass DI for guitar?

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Thread: Using a bass DI for guitar?

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    Using a bass DI for guitar?

    I've got an MXR M80 Bass DI, if I turn off the distortion and "effect" on it, would it produce similar results to using a guitar DI?

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    I had one of those, IIRC there wasn't much you could do to get a fully dry DI signal from it, it always coloured it a little at the very least. In a good way for bass, but maybe not so much for guitar. Wouldn't hurt to try, though. Just takes 2 cables and some time.

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    if you're super anal about your bass sound then it might be a better idea to use a real DI-box to record it properly.

    BUT if you're going the distorted super non-dynamic route it doesn't really matter that much. If it sounds good it sounds good. Who cares about rules anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ola Englund View Post
    If it sounds good it sounds good. Who cares about rules anyway.
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