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    rose of sharyn (cover)

    hey guys.
    i recorded a cover of killswitch engage - rose of sharyn

    i used metal machine by toontrack entirely for drums, which is something i havent done before.
    i also revisited redwirez IR's, after using them a while ago but never really having a chance to tweak much.
    quite pleased with the results.
    the only thing missing i think is probably EMG's.
    anyway have a listen and feel free to critique anything plz.

    im not too confident on the snare... or if theres enough low end coming from the bass guitar... i only mixed this clip on headphones and havent referenced on anything else.


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    Sounds really good to me. Snare is nice and present too. Personally I would make the bass stand out a little more. What did you use for your guitar besides redwirez? What was your bass setup like?

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    axe II patch info?

    sounds great

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    actually I like it better without EMGs
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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    this is sick

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    Give it a shot with the EMGs, I'd be curious to hear the difference, and IMO I think the harmonics will be more inyourface.
    Edit: It sounds great as is, though, man. Nice job.

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    ME: Gibson SG
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    thank guys.
    axe fx II patch was basically t808 drive pedal with 0 drive. into the 5150 block letter amp.

    i recently did another cover.. of this is absolution
    used my gibson with emgs and the soldano amp model.

    also triggered the snare with the same sample KSE use (apparently)

    bass setup was bass guitar into a b7k overdrive pedal, into my axe fx II

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