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    studio room size

    I apologize if this has been covered, but my searches didn't come up with anything. If if it has been covered, could someone point in the direction.

    The company I work for has recently bought a school, yup, the whole damn thing. We've converted the gyms into production space but there's a bunch of classrooms left Since I manage the place the boss has basically given me free run and permission to use some rooms for my own purposes so I'm setting up for general jamming and eventually recording. Not for a career(already got one of those, lol!)just for some fun and recording my own stuff. I am working with my old drummer so we will have a full kit. I'm curious if there is an ideal size room. Basically I have 3 sizes to choose from, 10'x20', 30'x30', and one is 30'x50'. All are carpeted with 2 exterior cinder block walls and 2 interior plaster board walls. Thanks for any input!

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    How high are the ceilings? If they are real low smaller would be better. Basically turn it into a large iso booth booth and do all your verbs digitally. If you have a decent height ceiling go ahead and take the larger space which will be more expensive to treat acoustically. Then you can have fun with room mics.

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    I have 8' hung ceilings to work with. This is all about having fun, learning something, and maybe coming out with a decent recording in the process.

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    As a general rule, assuming parallel walls, larger is better as the room will resonate at lower frequencies (the lengths are the wavelengths of standing modes), and evenly divisible dimensions are worse, as resonances constructively interfere with each other (add).

    Interior plasterboard is quite good as its will transmit some low end through it, and control low modes a little better, and probably do a decent job if theres an airgap (hardly an ideal treatment, but better than just concrete), but will reflect high end and high mids, so you'll want some open celled foam in there. Dont bother with anything expensive; open celled just means that it lets air through. If you can breath easily through a foam, and its quite heavy, its decent acoustic foam. It need not be marketed as such.

    If you can, given that all those rooms are quite big, go with whatever one you can set up next to another, so you can have a control room. That makes a massive difference, even if neither room is ideal. Have the control room be temporary and use headphones when in it if needs be, then move back into the main room when done. That will still be easier than doing everything in one room. I know this because I do both, and working in just one room is a massive pain. Dont do it if you dont have to.

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    Thanks for the help so far!

    I got in and did some measuring this morning and pretty much got it down to the 2 rooms I'll be using.

    The main room is 39'x53' with a 9' hung ceiling. All of the walls are plaster board with the exception of a 15' section that is cinder block. One of the downsides is that on 2 of the walls there are 2, 4'x9' windows, 4 big f'n windows, lol! I'm assuming that I'll have to add a treatment of some sort to them(acoustic tile?).

    The control room is actually part of the main room. It's 14'x24', 9' hung ceiling, a 4'x12' window that looks into the main room, and 2 solid wood doors that both lead into the main room.

    While it's more of a md-term project, I'm excited to get this going!

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